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Finding a job in Barcelona

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Since this guide is meant to be read from people (hopefully) from all over the world, I’m not going to explain what documents you need to have to be legally entitled to work and live in Spain.
I suggest you to ask your local Spanish embassy, before you come to Barcelona.
Also, before you leave your country, it’s better if you translate your Curriculum in English and Spanish.
Don’t worry if you don't speak a proper Spanish (or you speak no Spanish at all !): thanks to the big number of European educated residents (most of us own at least a University degree), Barcelona is full of international companies that decide to open here an EMEA contact center (i.e. Call center).
If you’re not a Native English (in this case you could be interested in an English teaching job), the easiest way to find a job is to look for a Call center. They are not interested in Spanish skills (most of the time you will be required to work in your native language): unfortunately to be part of the local market place (i.e. Spanish companies) you need to speak a very good Catalan, so, most of expatriates are out from the race !
This is something important to keep in mind: it’s hard to come in Barcelona and apply for a “proper” job. Most of the time, if you are not native Catalan, your CV will go automatically into the trashcan.
Most of my friends belonging to the expatriates community work in a Call Center: this kind of job is ok if you’re looking for a typcal 9 to 6 office job. It’s quite commont to receive a good (compared to Barcelona Standards) salary and a permanent contract (normally after some months of temporary one). The kind of job you will be required to do, depends on the company you will join: from outbound sales, to customer care agents, to help-desk.

The following is a list of big multinational companies where many expats are working:


You can have a look on the internet to be clarified on what’s the market of these companies. For a better idea of what kind of skills the companies are looking, you might want to download this file containing some pages I've scanned from Metropolitan, one of the most important expatriates magazine in English.

Actually call-centers are not the only alternative: they are just the most common one.
I know many people working into big pharmaceutical industries, designs studios, fashion agencies… but they are not many: 95% of the people I know work in call center (or as English teachers…if they’re native English!).
As said, a very useful resource to look for a new job is the magazine “Metropolitan”: it’s free and it distributed in many different spots in town. Beside useful information and articles to know what’s going on in town, it has a classified section where companies publish their currently open positions. Given the target of this magazine, many companies that publish they ad in here, are looking for foreigners who can speak English… normally they are not interested in your Spanish level.
The website of this magazine here

If you’re going to search your new job on the web, I suggest having a look at Infojobs ( and Monster (
Normally Monster has got higher level positions…but most of them are meant to be filled from Spanish natives.
Apart from sending your CVs via email, it’s really useful having a walk across some job agencies spread across town. This is a list of almost all of them.
Two of them seems to be quite successful among people I know: the one into the World trade center in Barceloneta, and the Ramstad agency in Paseo de Gracia.

As I said, most of the jobs you will find offer a permanent contract (contracto indefinido).
It's useful to know that, with such a contract, in case of problems, your employee cannot just make you redundant . They will have to pay you a compensation (indenizacion) for kick you out of the company: 45 days of salary for each year you have worked for them. This is given you cash at the moment they fire you.
Also, a very important form of protecting the worker, is the paro (a kind of unemployment benefit). If you lose your job, you are entitled of 4 months salary for each year you have worked.
This money is given by the Spanish government and the amount you will receive each months depends on your last salaries…the upper limit is around 900 euros per month.



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